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EASI program -Loans for registered farm holdings

Loans to registered farm holdings benefit from guarantees financed by the European Union within the Program for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI)

In cooperation with the European Investment Fund, OTP bank offers EASI program loans for employment and social innovation to registered farm holdings. By offering loans under the EASI program, OTP bank provides support to registered farm holdings. In addition to favorable lending terms, loans under EASI program also include opportunities for education and mentorship in cooperation with business partners of OTP bank.

Should you opt for loans under EASI programs, the following lending products will be at your disposal:

EASI Working Capital Loans

Basic Features

  • Loan purpose: Liquidity and working capital financing
  • Repayment term: 12 months
  • Maximum individual loan amount: up to 25,000 EUR
  • Loan approval currency: dinars
  • Internal and capital amount repayment: yearly
  • Loan repayment terms: Automatic debit of client current account for interest, commissions and capital amount


    EASI Investment Loans

    Basic Features

    • Loan purpose: Financing investments and other expenses that may be considered part of the same project
    • Loan repayment period: up to 60 months
    • Grace period: up to 12 months
    • Minimum downpayment amount in investment: 20% of total investment
    • Maximum amount of individual loans: up to 25,000 EUR
    • Loan approval and repayment currency: dinars or dinars with EURO-pinned currency clause.
    • Interest and capital amount repayment: monthly, three-months, six-months
    • Loan repayment terms: Automatic debit of client current account for interest, commissions and capital amount.

    • Maximum amount of individual loans: up to 25,000 EUR



    All loans under EASI program are without mandatory mortgage or pledge

    Required EASI loans collaterals (both for working assets and for investment loans): bills of exchange of farm holding owner.

    Representative example

    Loan amount10.000 EUR20.000 EUR
    Repayment period60 meseci60 meseci
    NIR annually3M EURIBOR + 5.8%3M EURIBOR + 5.8%
    Three month instalment610 EUR1.220 EUR
    Fee for loan processing (%)0.75%0.75%
    Fee for loan processing (amount )75 EUR150 EUR
    Costs associated with loan approval, known at the time of publishing
    Debtor bill of exchange100 RSD100 RSD
    Credit Bureau report246 RSD246 RSD
    Tax certification fee640 RSD640 RSD
    Monthly fee for current account200 RSD200 RSD
    EIR annually 8.86% 8.65%
    Total amount of loan (principal, interest and costs)12.384 EUR24.656 EUR

    EIR calculation also includes all other fees known at the time of loan approval: loan approval fee, one-off of the approval loan amount, Credit Bureau report fee and fee for 2 bills of exchange, tax certificate duty and monthly account maintenance fee. Euro-indexed loans are contracted in dinar equivalent at the median NBS exchange rate. Interest is variable and comprises the three-month EURO benchmark interest rate, as variable part and Bank margin, as fixed part, in accordance with the Review of interests and fees for loans to Registered farm holdings. The variable interest rate is adjusted to the value of the 3M EURIBOR on quarterly basis. The three-month EURIBOR value, on calculation date of example 03.06.2021 amounted to -0.5450. These examples are for information only and may not be used for other purpose. For personalized offers, we remain at your disposal at the Bank’s branch.

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